Take Back Your Time

Working with a virtual assistant frees up your time to spend with family, friends, or doing things you enjoy.

virtual assistant

Fill Up Your Calendar

A virtual assistant takes care of the back-office tasks so that you can fill your calendar with more clients!

Create Partnerships

Together we can make amazing things happen ~ and spread that amazingness on to future clients and partnerships.

Meet Heather

Heather has been freelancing as a virtual assistant before it was “cool”.  She started her freelancing career on third-party sites such as ELance and then moved on to Upwork before establishing herself as a company in 2018. 

Her laid back personality and sense of humor even under incredible pressure (think last minute launch of a podcast when half the crew quits kind of chaos) are immently valuable in today’s culture of a dollar short and an hour ago needs. 

Heather is the brainchild behind RockingMama Virtual Assisting which has grown to include several partnerships to better service her current and future clients. 


Schedule a Discovery Call with Heather if you’re not sure how a virtual assistant can help you!