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5 Top Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

An overworked business owner with more work than they can realistically handle is a recipe for disaster and a virtual assistant could be your superhero.

When the workload outpaces an owner or even a small team, there is a solution to salvage even the most seemingly insurmountable mountain of work. Here are five benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for your business – now!

Restore Your Work-Life Balance

If you find yourself spending more time at the office then seeing your beloved family or friends – a virtual assistant can be the asset you need.

Virtual workers are capable of working any hours that you might need coverage depending on where in the world they might be. If you need someone answering inquiries in the middle of the night – there is a virtual worker in some part of the world ready and willing to do that.

By outsourcing tasks such as email management or customer service responses, a business owner can take back numerous hours. Other non customer facing tasks such as inventory management or web page updating can also be passed along to a virtual worker to complete when you would rather be at home.

Reduce Costs with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are typically independent contractors. Independent contractors are responsible for their own benefits and taxes so business owners who contract with them are not required to do so. Virtual assistants do not get paid sick time or vacation leave.

Another benefit to hiring a virtual assistant is that they typically work for contracted periods of time. If you anticipate the need for extra help only lasting three months you can develop the contract around that time period. You will not have to worry about paying to find, hire, and then lay-off employees by using a virtual assistant.

Efficiency Increase

As a business owner or even manager, you want to tackle the important tasks that keep your business running. When the non-essential, but still important, tasks fall onto your plate they can be time-consuming and steal time from what you need to do to generate future business.

Virtual assistants are not only able to do these non-essential tasks – but they enjoy them! It is a good business decision to hire a virtual worker over a full-time employee in these types of situations. Delegating tasks such as invoicing, setting up meetings, responding to customer questions, or even writing newsletters, sets your business up for success and frees time for chasing bigger clients.

Knowledge Gap

A virtual assistant might fill in a knowledge gap for your business, especially a small business. Perhaps your business needs the website updated with current information and some updated pictures. There is no need to advertise, interview, and hire a full-time employee for a project that could be completed by a virtual assistant who specializes in website updates.

These knowledge gaps can crop up all over a business but there will be, more often than not, a virtual assistant that can be found to either train a current employee or complete the project themselves.

Long Term Relationships

A great reason for hiring a virtual assistant is that you can build a long-term relationship with that VA. Finding the perfect virtual assistant for your business can be a challenge at times, but when you discover the one that fits you will think you won the lottery.

By treating your virtual assistant like a valuable asset, taking the time to know their skills and preferences, and respecting their time you will end up with a loyal virtual assistant who will put you at the top of their client lists. This benefits you because there may be an emergent project that you desperately need to be completed in a short period of time. A loyal virtual assistant will gladly take it on with a previous client has treated them well.

What are some of your opinions on hiring a virtual assistant? Let us know in the comments.

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